Transfers to and from Raleigh Durham Airport

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Raleigh-Durham International Airport Transfers

When you arrive at Raleigh-Durham International Airport it is important to know your options of transfer as the options for walk-ups are few. Before proceeding to your choice of transfer, please remember to collect your luggage from the Baggage Claim area of your arrivals hall.

Rental Cars at Raleigh-Durham International Airport

The car rental companies at Raleigh-Durham Airport have their offices in various locations on airport grounds. Complimentary shuttle buses transport their customers between the airport terminals and the company office. The pick-up zone is the green zone located outside the Baggage Claim areas of both terminals.

Buses at Raleigh-Durham International Airport

GoTriangle provides a shuttle service between the airport and their Regional Transit Center located approximately 10 minutes away. This is where travelers can choose in which direction they want to continue their journey with buses going to Raleigh, Durham and Cary. Fares are $2.25-$3.00 for a single journey and tickets or passes are purchased directly on the bus in exact change. For those transferring to a different route make sure to tell the driver as you purchase your ticket for a free or discounted transfer pass for the next bus route.

Taxis at Raleigh-Durham International Airport

There currently are no airport endorsed taxi services at the airport, but there are many taxi companies that will drive you there or pick you up upon request directly with the company.

Shuttles at Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Many shuttle companies have permits to transport travelers from the airport. These transfers have to be arranged by the traveler or someone representing the traveler before arrival at the airport. Shuttles pick up their customers in the brown limo zone located outside the Baggage Claim areas.

Hotel shuttles are pre-arranged by the traveler directly with the hotel or by the traveler’s representative or travel agent.

Ride Shares at Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Ride Shares are arranged through the company’s app or website before the traveler arrives at the airport. Pick-ups may be made in the brown limo zone outside the Baggage Claim areas of both terminals.